Verse Anthem

   An anthem featuring vocal solos, usually in some pattern of alternation with the full choir. The concept coincides with the first major collections of English anthems. The first verse of the anonymous Now Let the Congregation in the Wanley Partbooks (c. 1546–1548) is apparently for alto solo, followed by the same verse for full choir. Compositions with more extensive solos date from the 1560s. These most often begin with introductory organ solos, followed by a verse for vocal solo(s) with instrumental obbligatos, closing the first section with a verse for full chorus, with instruments doubling the vocal parts. Solo/chorus pairs proceed in through-composed manner for as long as the text demands.
   The revival of the Chapel Royal after the Restoration of Charles II occasioned more elaborate instrumental settings. A string ensemble might further articulate a larger structure by playing ritornellos between the sung verses.

Historical dictionary of sacred music. . 2006.

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